Greenland White-front data for 2021/22

The global population of Greenland White-fronted Geese in spring 2022 comprised 18027 individuals, down by 10.7% on the 20186 from the previous year, made up of 8289 in Ireland and 9738 in Britain. Numbers here in Wexford fell by 901 (14.3%) to 5361, but this was balanced by an increase of 780 in the rest of Ireland. Reproductive success was among the lowest on record in Ireland at 5.6% first winter birds.

Among Irish wintering geese, the percentage young among aged flocks after the 2021 breeding season was an extraordinarily low 5.6% compared to 6.4% last season. Mean brood size among the Irish flocks was also low at 2.21 compared to 3.24 last season. There were 4.93% young among 2577 aged at Wexford (substantially down on last season’s already very low 6.16%), where the mean brood size was also low at 2.17 (compared to 3.26 last season) based on 54 broods. Elsewhere in Ireland, reproductive success was also very low at 8.91%, with mean brood size 2.42 (compared to 3.0 last season).

A table of numbers showing the spring population census total of Greenland White-fronted geese from 2017 to 2022
A graph depicting the numbers of Greenland White-fronted geese globally and spring counts from Wexford and Islay 1983 to 2022.
It is only through the constant monitoring of this iconic species through the years, using up to date satellite telemetry, and boots on the ground observation and counting, that it can be protected.